Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

We are experts at what we do and every member of our team of marketing consultants has a broad and deep experience of marketing. We work alongside clients to understand their organisation, their customers and markets and their needs. Then we formulate creative strategic marketing solutions in partnership. Finally we participate in the task of putting these strategic solutions into action. Our commitment is to pragmatic and enduring answers that will enhance client effectiveness.

Using our knowledge and experience of marketing strategy development and marketing action planning, we focus on working with our clients to get the upfront thinking right and to develop marketing plans that will deliver sustainable improvements in business results.

A common trap that many companies fall into is getting ‘stuck into’ doing marketing activity before they have a clear plan of what they want to achieve and why. It is the nature of entrepreneurs to want to get on with it as it provides a sense of progress and achievement.
The majority of marketing agencies do not support the holistic marketing planning process either in that they focus on the execution elements of marketing communications; be it advertising, PR, promotion, telemarketing, DM or print – this is the easy bit! The difficult bit is getting your thinking sharp and clear about your whole marketing and customer proposition before you get into execution mode.
On the other hand,the majority of marketing consulting firms are focused on defining and designing strategies but their solutions do not include  execution and implementation
The evidence from extensive experience is clear, better business results will always be delivered if you take a step back, develop a clear marketing strategy and support the strategy with a robust and rigorously executed marketing plan.

Above all else, we make a difference in the performance of our clients and this is what leads to us having very high levels of repeat business with our existing clients and to the large number of referrals we receive from satisfied clients.
The key business issues at the forefront of the Marketing Strategies service offering are:
Brand Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Market segmentation
Audit Marketing
New Products and Services
New Channels
New Markets
New geographical areas
Retail Marketing & Communication
Customer store experience
Customer Relationship Management
   • Identifying and selecting customers
   • Acquiring customers
   • Retaining customers
   • Growing customer revenues
   • Improved customer loyalty and retention
New Output can help companies achieve competitive advantages through better consumer & customer understanding and delivery of products and services that fit market needs more efficiently and effectively.

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