Why New OutPut?

The reasons our clients give as to why they choose to work with us are clear and compelling:

- We are approachable and friendly people who understand the stresses and strains of trying to grow a business.
- We are experts in our field, having significant experience both as marketing consultants and as  marketing  directors / general managers.
- Our approach is focused on delivering results, practical implementation and making strategy happen.
- We adopt a flexible, collaborative and often innovative approach to develop solutions around the needs of our clients.
- The marketing solutions we help develop are holistic in nature and address the impact on the organisation and the people that work within it as well as the organisation's customers.
- We work with well proven methodologies that are adapted to fit the culture and meet the specific needs of our clients' businesses.
- We are able to add value by using our experience across different industries and between the consumer goods, foodservice and retail sectors.
  • Avda. J.V. Foix, 33 08034 Barcelona (Barcelona) 
  • phone (+34) 933623518
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