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Jordi Rigual is the founder of New Output, a new marketing consultancy & agency delivering fresh marketing solutions. Prior to founding New Output he was the Marketing & Sales Corporate Director- member of the Board- at The Eat Out Group (Agrolimen) being responsible for the marketing & sales strategy of all company's brands, both in national and international level.
Jordi also has a background as Danone Marketing Manager, being responsible of several innovation and communication projects. At Danone he was member of the Sales & Marketing Committee and Innovation Committee.
 He also is Marketing Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona.
 The rest of New Output team have also a wealth of experience gained through real-world situations and serious commitment.

We are experts in our field, having significant experience both as marketing consultants and as  marketing  directors / general managers.
We focus on fast results, ensuring that the client is actively listened to and that individual unique situations are fully understood.
In a nutshell - we care. We care about your business and of course our reputation.      
Additionally, when you contract New Output you also get incredible resources and the network that founder has built over his business career.
  • Avda. J.V. Foix, 33 08034 Barcelona (Barcelona) 
  • phone (+34) 933623518
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